Barriers and challenges in Iran


n this era, information is regarded as a strategic critical resource for generating valueadded products and services; therefore, the third millennium is nominated by scholars as the era of knowledge and information technology. The shift of societies towards the
information society has had deep effects on numerous aspects of human life such as
economical, social and cultural aspects. (Dibrell, Miller 2002)
It is considered that powerful forces are reshaping the business world and are calling
for a fundamental shift in organizational processes. The prime forces of change
include globalization, higher degree of complexity, new technology, increasing
competition, changing client demands and changing economical and political
structures (Martensson, 2000). This challenge has forced business executives to
recognize that they must move in a timely manner to implement an effective ebusiness strategy that enhances customer satisfaction while improving enterprise
efficiency and effectiveness (Oppong, Yen & Merhout, 2005).
The application of information technology can provide a competitive edge, increase
customer service and create a flexible production environment. (Sharma, 2004)

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